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THANG LONG FIRE FIGHTING AND PREVENTION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD  established early in the year of 1999, under establishment decision number: 0335-NN-GP/TLDN date February 6th, 1999 and business registration No. 070274 issued on March 10, 1999. With the following scopes of supply: 

  • Consulting, designing and installing, diversified systems of Fire alarm, Automatic fire fighting, Anti-lightning, Burglar alarm, CCTV,...
  • Purchasing/selling, being agency for entrusting materials, fire protection and fire fighting equipment, fire pumps, fire fighing vehicles, fire rescue vehicles, communications equipment, electrical equipment,...
  • Providing professional fireman supply service.
  • Construction for civil and industrial projects.
  • Installation for the water supply and drainage systems, HVAC and other construction equipment.
  • Manufacture of fire fighting equipment.

In long-term operation Thang Long Fire Fighting and Prevention Equipments Co., Ltd has shown to be a leading company in the fire fighting  and prevention equipment fields. Thang Long is also honored to be a member of NFPA - National Fire Protection Association, which is a leading organization at North America, majoring in fire fighting and prevention, espectially in consulting, designing and installing the fire fighting and prevention systems, meanwhile, advancing many specific standards trusted by almost experts around the world.

With qualified and experienced  specific engineers as well as technical experts who have taken part in many training conferences held by NFPA's experts therefore they have caught up with many advanced techniques in the world. Also with our financial resources, we can affort to meet all fire fighting and prevention requirements of wholly foreign-owned compagnies investesd capital corporations, joint ventures as well as domestic enterprises.

In 2007, our company has achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification issued by NQA, United Kingdom.

We Thang Long Fire Fighting and Prevention Equiments Co., Ltd, would like to expess our thanks to our customers for their coperation and credibility. It is really a great pleasure for us to serve you.

Yours faithfully,




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