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Peerless Pump

 Peerless Pump uses its 82 years of experience to lead the industry!

Peerless Today -- Engaged in and Redefining the Industry

» Hydraulic Institute (The US Pump Industry's Trade Association and Standards body) Peerless experts are recognized as some of the most respected experts in our field by our industry.

Our representatives are on the Board of Directors. We have senior people who are Chair or Vice-Chair of several important committees. Our senior technical people have been instrumental in re-writing a number of important HI and ASME standards in recent years.

» NFPA (National Fire Protection Association - the leading body for fire safety standards) Peerless plays a leading role as one of the world's leading specialists in fire safety systems.

We have technical representatives on the standards writing teams for NFPA. Seven of the ten tallest buildings in the world are protected by Peerless Fire Pumps built to the most exacting Peerless and NFPA standards. Many of the US Embassies around the world are protected by Peerless Pumps. We lead the industry in designing and building pre-packaged fire pump systems that are chosen by the world’s largest companies to save them time and money in construction. Most importantly however, they know Peerless is the best money can buy. We save lives and property.


» Pump Systems- US Department of Energy- Total Systems Evaluation Peerless is committed to adding value to our customers not just supplying equipment.
We are one of the Charter Members of "Pump Systems Matter" which was created by HI and the US department of Energy to encourage business to select and operate pumps properly to save energy. Peerless is helping to lead this “green” initiative. Our US dept. of energy approved engineers offer Pump Audits which can save hundreds of thousands of dollars for customers.


» Peerless has the capability to offer “better than new” high-speed re-manufacturing Our service network is ready to go to the heart of the problem not just to correct the symptoms.
Peerless can repair and remanufacture pumps of any brand back to original specifications or better in its 5 dedicated US and Mexico locations. We can diagnose the cause of the failure and fix it. We are not “just” a repair shop. We use our industry leading test laboratory to verify performance back to OEM specs for pumps up to 2000HP and 150,000GPM. Our lab is designed around HI standards and ISO9906 as well as approved by Factory Mutual and Underwriter’s Laboratory for certifying fire pump performance. We can test electric motors up to 7200V and we have vast experience string testing equipment including VFDs and diesel drives. Peerless can perform NPSH, noise, vibration, hydrostatic pressure and performance tests; we can arrange sump testing and customer’s can rely on the results with absolute precision.


» Pharmaceutical Industry Peerless plays the leading role in developing standards for one of the most vibrant modern industries.
We are the Lead and one of the Charter Members for the P3-A pharmaceutical pump spec that is being finalized. This important industry looks to Peerless to help define it’s pumping standards.

» Pumping Conferences and Exhibitions Peerless is recognized by customers and competitors as a technology leader.
We have been invited to be the expert session leader on Vertical Turbines for the USA pump industry at the upcoming Pumping Conference to be held in Atlanta in September. We are also on the Exclusive Advisory Board. We participate in the industry recognized NFPA show and American Water Works Association shows that demonstrate our commitment to these important industries. We have also made technical presentations at the TAPPI conference for Pulp & Paper industries as well as the Pump User's Conference. 

» Certified Peerless Workshops and the ABC National Millwright Award Peerless is committed to the training and development of the next generation.

The ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) organization presented us with a National Award. Peerless has been a judge for their National Millwright competition which is a major conference involving many engineering contractors, engineering firms and major process companies.
Peerless has developed its own Certified Technician Workshops which have been well received by over 200 graduates; we now have workshops for Service Technicians, Vertical Turbine Pumps, Parts & Service Sales and Pulp & Paper. Peerless also puts together paid for training for it’s customers at their site or in our purpose built training center in Indianapolis, recently we have completed training for Fortune 500 companies in Fire Pumps, Municipal Water Pumps and Chemical Pumps for operators and maintenance people.

» Peerless Technology is developing rapidly Offering new solutions to our customers to allow them to apply the Peerless name in even more places.
Peerless's reliable technology has been evolving since 1923 when the Peerless brand was introduced to the market. Since that time we have over 500,000 successful pumps installations which have made the Peerless name synonymous with reliability, efficiency and longevity. Development is an ongoing obsession. 

Peerless's RAPID design tool makes sure that exactly the right pump is matched to the application. RAPID is recognized as the best in class in ur industry. Two new versions were introduced in 2005, RAPID is now full Web capable. In the past year Peerless has introduced a new line of modular "G" discharge heads, offering all the features and advantages of the "industrial" head for a competitive "agricultural" price. Peerless has extended the range of 5 vertical turbine hydraulic sizes and is completely revamping its standard vertical turbine range. We have redesigned our whole line of fabricated heads and columns for increased reliability and reduced vibration. We have upgraded our standard vertical impeller material to Aluminium Bronze. Our fire pump line now includes a range of 750GPM in-line vertical pumps as well as seven new models of AHF large split case pumps up to 5,000GPM for fire pumps and up to 12,000GPM for water pumps.

» Peerless people are some of the most experienced and well trained in the business Peerless Engineers are working with customers every day to solve pump problems efficiently.
Peerless's engineers are respected as the best in the industry. Our Engineering staff includes experts with 2 Doctorates, 5 Master's degrees and 16 Bachelor's degrees as well as 6 registered Professional Engineers. Our customer service department includes over 30 sales professionals; 70% of whom have engineering qualifications. Together our technical and sales teams have over 1000 years of experience designing, consulting, building, applying, servicing and helping customers to use pumps and fluid systems. At the same time we are "small enough to care and big enough to help". We have one of the best training programs in the business for young engineers. At their disposal our engineers have the latest 3D modeling and Finite Element solutions for quick, reliable design. Our distribution partners complement this experience with personnel and facilities that are some of the best in the industry.

Peerless also has Qualified BestPractices PSAT Specialists and Instructors to help clients improve pumping system efficiency. 

» Peerless Process Technology Is Unique - We offer features that make our pumps the most reliable for difficult applications.
We can design and manufacture High Spec Pumps, Bedplates, we have access to the Stocking Business Partner Network of Inventory, we have some of the most experienced Application Engineers in the country for Process Pumps, we are specialists in entrained air handling and our technologies include the patented TFA- triple volute pump and the Low Flow Impeller. LaBour is the recognized leader in high alloy process pumps in particular LaBour developed the world’s best self priming pump and the most advanced chemical sump pump.

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